Nº20. Julio. 2000.


Dibujos, ilustraciones... Un espacio abierto a la creación de nuestros colaboradoresen el campo de las Artes Plásticas.
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Cuento en inglés

Para mi Padre Por Guiomar
Alas de Cera Pablo Pico Rada



Cuento en inglés
Por José Luis López, Rubén Amodia y Ángel Miguel López, alumnos de 2º de Bachillerato del IEs Augusto González de Linares de Santander.

Aprendizaje del idioma por medio de historias creativas

El dominio del idioma en una clase es la habilidad que tienen los estudiantes para comunicarse de una forma creativa. Los alumnos de Inglés del I.E.S. Augusto González de Linares han estado demostrando la fuerza que tiene la palabra escrita en las historias narrativas.

El proceso consiste en inventar historias con personajes y hechos, que se hacen vivos en el papel. Las historias las hacen en grupos para aplicar el proceso de aprendizaje cooperativo. Convirtiéndose en autores originales hace que los alumnos sean innovadores. La originalidad y la innovación son características necesarias en las compañías de teatro para aumentar su productividad y desarrollo.

La escritura creativa proporciona a los estudiantes las destrezas lingüísticas necesarias en futuros trabajos, mediante la práctica de ejercicios orales y escritos que les preparan para el mundo laboral.

El escribir historias en Inglés propociona a los estudiantes el manejo del idioma universal, el cual está aumentando su demanda para mejores oportunidades de trabajo en España.
El relato siguiente ha sido elaborado por los alumnos Rubén Amodia Sanchez, José Luis López Alcalde y Angel Miguel López Antolín del curso 2BH2.

Ellos demuestran el manejo del inglés, contando historias que les están preparando para su futuro, en un mundo laboral que cada vez se está haciendo más pequeño y más competitivo a través de un solo idioma, el INGLÉS.

Language Acquisition Through Creative Writing
Claudia Sanatti
Foreign Language Exchange Teacher
Texas, USA

Esgaroth's sword

Loen, un muchacho tímido de 15 años, ha tenido la fortuna de encontrarse un día con Doc, un loco científico, que le conducirá a un mundo exótico de aventuras y peligros que tendrá que superar si quiere convertirse en un héroe.

Three years ago, Leon Smith, our main character, had a fantastic experience. He lived in a small city called Racoon city. It was a beautiful place which was surrounded by high mountains. There was a big lake too, where people were going to take a walk. He lived in a big house near the lake, where he could see the city very well.

Leon was a shy boy who was fourteen years old. He was short and thin, he had blonde short hair and brown eyes. He usually wear jeans, a t-shirt, trainers and sunglasses. Leon liked to read books, sing in the shower and play computers.

One day while he was going to his home, he met with three boys and a girl. They were the bad boys of the school where Leon studied. Their names were Johnnie, Vidal, Chucky and Nikita. Johnnie was the leader of the group. He was strong and tall. Johnnie had long black hair and dark eyes. Vidal was the sillyone of the group. He had short hair and blue eyes. Chucky liked martial arts. He was stronger and shorter than Johnnie.

Nikita was a beautiful girl (90 - 60 - 90 ). She had blonde curly long hair and blue eyes, she was Johnnie´s girl friend.

They wanted to hit Leon. Leon was scared of them, so he started to run, but Nikita ran more than Leon and he was captured quickly by them.

He was hardly hit by them in the street, but an old man who was looking at them at that moment helped Leon to escape from the bad boys. The old man and Leon disappeared without any track. The old man took him to his house. It was an old house near the lake.

The boy was scared of him, so Leon asked to him some questions:
- Who are you?
- I´m Doc, a scientist of an important factory of the city. Answered Doc
- Thank you for saving me from those boys. Said Leon
- You are welcome. I want you to help me in my investigation. Said Doc.

They were going to the laboratory while Doc explained to Leon about his investigation. When They came to the laboratory, Leon was surprised because of a strange machine which was in the room. Then Leon asked Doc:
- What is it?
- It´s my last invention, ¡¡ THE TIME MACHINE !!. Answered Doc excited.
- Can I help you?. Asked Leon reluctantly.
- Yes, of course. I want you to try my time machine. Answered Doc calmly
- Well, I think that the machine is dangerous.
- It isn´t true, I just have tried the machine and I´m here now. Said Doc
- All right, but I hope that I nothing wrong will happen to me. Said the boy shily.

After that, Leon went into the machine, while Doc prepared the travel. When. Leon was inside the machine, Doc pushed a button. Then the machine started to make a strange noise and some lights shone the room. Some second later, the machine disappeared and left a smoke curtain. Doc was happy, so he started to jump all over the room.
It was a sunny day in Racoon city, and a lot of children were playing with their wooden swords, but suddenly, all the children looked at the strange machine which appeared in the street near the lake. Some children ran away to meet Melzas, the magician of the city, who got left his home and went to have a look at the machine.

- Oh, that's an impressive machine. What does it make? Asked Melzas
- This machine is a time machine, and I have come from 1999 to...? Said Leon
- To 998. Who are you?
- I'm Leon, and who are you?
- My name is Melzas, Racoon city´s magician. Go home children, go home.

The children started to run while Melzas and Leon were talking. Then they heard a noise in the sky. There was a big red dragon flying over their heads. When the people saw it, they began to run and scream.

Smaug a dragon, started to split fire on the houses of the village. People were scared, so they ran away from the village looking for a hidding places.

Then Leon ran away too, but Melzas stayed there to fight a bit with the big red dragon called Smaug. Melzas was concentrated and from his right hand appeared a fireball, which started to fly through the sky till hit Smaug´s tail. Smaug made a terrible noise when it felt the fireball, at that time, Smaug ran through the clouds to its lair, in the heigh of the Iron Mountains in the North of Racoon City.

Some days later Leon thought about the dragon in relation to the village, so he decided to kill the dragon and asked Melzas what he could do to kill Smaug.
- Oh! There is one possibility, you have to go to Smaug´s lair and pick up the glass sword called Sgaroth. Sgaroth has killed thousand of dragons along the country. You can kill the dragon if you use that sword. But before that, you have to pass two trials, to prove that you are a great warrior. Said Melzas.
- That trials do I have to pass to demonstrate to you that I'm a warrior? Asked Leon.
-You have to prove your courage fighting with Bombour, the strongest man of the village. He is the blacksmith of Racoon City."
- O.K., Ill try to pass the trials to train a lot in your castle. Finally Ill get the sword and kill those evils. Answered Leon. But I'm so tired to fight now, but tomorrow, after sleep and eat a bit, Ill be ready to destroy Bombour.

After Leon ate the dinner, he went to bed, but he couldn't sleep because he was thinking how to win the fight with Bombour. Finally he fell asleep because of the tiredness of the journey. In one of his dreams he had an idea.

The next morning, he woke up and had breakfast. Then Melzas and Leon went to Bombour´s house. He knocked the door and waited a few seconds. Then he could see a giant man, a guy with approximately 130kg. and 2 m. tall.

- Are.. are you Bom.. Bombour? Asked Leon.
- Yes, of course he's Bombour. Small, isn´t he? Answered Melzas

Then Melzas explained to Bombour what they wanted, and Bombour accepted Melzas´s proposal. They were in the street. Suddenly Bombour hit Leon. Leon fell on the mud and got up trembling. Then a light appeared from Leon's right hand what provoked a shock in Bombour, and fell in the grass.

- I'm sorry. I surrender. Said Bombour scarily. You are a very good warrior.
- How did you do that? Asked Melzas excitedly
- Well, it's a future weapon called Camera PhotosKodak. This weapon blinds people, this way, they can see nothing.
- Well, now you have to pass the other trial. The sword is nailed in the floor. If you want to get it, you must get Esgaroth´s ring. Said Melzas
- Where is the ring? Asked Leon
- In the graveyard of the darkness. You must look for Esgaroth´s tomb. It's in the west of the graveyard.
- O.K. Ill go there tonight.
- Well, you can go tonight, but there is a problem.
- What is the problem?
- The problem is the big ghost of the darkness. He used to steal souls of people that are around the graveyard.
- I'm scared but if its the only way to get Esgaroth´s sword, Ill do it.

At midnight Leon went out to Melzas´castle and went to the graveyard. Leon was very scared but he didn't have an option.

After that he was in the graveyard, so he looked for Esgaroth´s tomb. Minutes later he found the tomb. He opened the tomb, while he was opening the tomb, he felt a cold breath behind him. He turned around and he was very surprised because he was seeing in that moment. He took the ring and ran away to Melzas´castle whithout looking back. He arrived in five minutes at Melzas´s castle. Melzas was very surprised. He didn't believe that Leon had got the ring.

Melzas said to him that he was prepared to fight with Smaug but before he would have to get Esgaroth´s sword that was in Smaug´s lair.
Two days later Leon went to the Iron Mountains where Smaug lived. He spent two days to arrive at Smaug´s lair. He was tired because he didn't eat a lot. He saw the sword in a big room, so he went to the sword. It was sealed in the floor. He had to put the ring on the floor to take out the sword.

After that he had the sword in his hand but he heard a voice. It was Smaug. Leon didn't know what to do. In that moment Leon heard a voice within his mind. It was Esgaroth´s voice. Esgaroth was a hero for the people of the village. Esgaroth said to him that he would guide him to defeat Smaug. Smaug was very angry because Leon had the sword.

-I want to know if you are as strong as everybody says. But before you fight me, you will fight versus Legolash, my pupil. Said Smaug.
In that moment appeared Legolash. He was a tall and strong man. He wore a gold armor and wore an animal skull as a helmet in his head. He also had a sword.
-There can be only one!!!! Said Legolash.
Suddenly Legolash attacked Leon, but Leon's sword moved. Leon was very surprised because he didn't do anything but he was alive.
Then Leon's sword started to blind Legolash with a flash of lightning, Legolash nailed the sword in the heart of Legolash.
-I... I don't be... believe that.... Said Legolash.
Minutes later Legolash died.
- I will kill you. Said Smaug.

Smaug was very angry. It split a fireball to Leon. Leon was possessed again and threw back the fireball to Smaug with the sword. Smaug died burned by his own attack. Leon went back to Melzas´castle with Esgaroth´s sword. The peace came back to the village again.

Two days later, Leon and Melzas took the machine, they set the date and the hour, and switched it on. Melzas only wanted to go to the future to know how was the village one thousand years later. The machine started to make strange noise and some lights shone on the people who were looking at the "show". Some seconds later, the machine disappeared and left with a smoke curtain. All the people were worried about both of them because they didn't know if they arrived well at the future.

Suddenly, the time machine appeared at Dog's garage. Leon now isn't the person that he was. He is a great warrior now.
- Well, Ill have to find my "friends". I'm worried about them. Said Leon
- Don't be so hard with them. Said Melzas.
They started to look for the group in the entire city. Suddenly, Leon looked in a video game salon.
- Oh! look them how they play with the video games.
- Yeah, they are so happy playing with this.
When the bad boys looked at Leon, they run to him. Leon run too, but in his mind there was a plan, he hid near a corner and waited for them. The bad boys went past the corner, they couldn't find Leon, because he had hidden in the shadows.
- Are you looking for to me? Asked Leon with a swords´s handle in his hand.
- Oh!, sorry, we aren´t looking for somebody, we only run for fun. Answered Johnnie.

While Leon were thinking how to kill the bad boys, Melzas tried to talk with Leon to him and not to commit a crime. All the bad boys ran away except Nikita. She stayed with Leon talking with him. Melzas, looking at the couple, picked up the sword and walked away.





Para mi Padre
Por Guiomar, alumna 4º ESO del IES Augusto González de Linares.

Poesia escrita con motivo de la
celebración del día de la poesia


Hoy mientras llovía
me acordé de mi padre
no sentía alegría
se ha marchado, ya no está.
Me acuerdo todos los días
sin poderlo olvidar
es una cosa profunda
muy difícil de explicar.
A veces siento su voz
llamarme por la mañana
pero siempre al levantarme
pienso que ya puedo olvidarme.
Pensar que te has ido
es muy triste para mí
y para muchas personas
que no se olvidarán de ti.
Es muy difícil olvidar
a un padre que se ha perdido
sobre todo a ti
que eras el más querido.




Alas de cera
Por Pablo Pico Rada, alumno del IES Valle del Saja (Cabezón de la Sal).

Ajenas alas sostienen mi vuelo
No soy pájaro,
Inevitable caída.

Disfruto la indispensable agonía
Sin reparo.
Consciente, por ello muero.

Cual Ícaro traicionado
En ficticias e ilusorias plumas

Mi sueño agoniza,
Más la aflicción es absoluta,
Por momentos fui del cielo